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Friday, August 28, 2009

New Blog

Well since everyone keeps asking me about the "stress", I will just tell you. Me and Kevin are going through the big D and I don't mean Dallas. It's a mutual decision between us. Anyway, so with that said, I am starting a new blog and I may make it private, still trying to decide because I HATE private blogs. Anyway, the blog address is If you will email me at
bobbybop at gmail dot com and let me know if you still want to read about my ever so exciting life please do so I can add you. I am slowly getting everyone transferred from this blog to the next.
I will keep this one as a back up and post things on how Kevin is doing from time to time while he is gone for Military.
Thanks everyone.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


So I have a lot of stress going on in my life. Some of you may know, others may not. Well I am not going to blab all about it on the internet. Lets just say, there is major stress. So with my new found stress I have been dropping the L.B.'s like MAD! I mean 22 in a month... not too shabby. I also have found a new stress reliever. Working out! Who'da thunk it? I have been working out twice a day... that's right, TWICE! Major stress reliever. And when you have PINK blaring on your ipod... even better. So I decided that I wasn't going to take baby steps into the whole working out thing. I jumped in head first. The first night I walked/ran 2.6 miles. That's the most I have done in 2 months. The following morning I walked again for 1.3 miles (had to cut it short because Ashlyn was ready to get out of the stroller). Then that night I biked 4.2 miles... and could've gone more. I had a burst of energy. THEN this morning I got up and went again for 4.2 miles. I felt like a champ. I am sure that sometime it will kick in and I will be sore, but right now I feel great.
Anyway, I don't recommend this stress to anyone. I do say that it is a great diet though. But it is what it is...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

It came... whether I wanted it to or not

Well last Sunday was Ashlyn's 1st birthday. It was so much fun. I can't believe where the year has gone. She is at such a fun stage and has quite the little personality. We just had our families together for a bbq/party. It wasn't too hot of a day and grandma don-don and grandpa dickie's backyard is shaded so it made it that much nicer.
For her birthday we gave Ashlyn her new forward facing carseat and she loves it! What a whole new world there is when you don't have to look at a seat. We also bought her a cute cute dress from Andrea Bell (go to and put in your order today. She looked so cute in it. I will get pictures posted soon of it. And we are also going to go have her ears pierced. She has been so sick with a UTI and 103 fever for a week and didn't think she needed to be tortured any more.
Anyway, I look forward to the next year with Ash, and all the ones after that. She is the best baby ever. We love her so much. Happy Birthay ROO!

**new changes to blog coming soon, stay posted**

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My turn

Well in about 7 hours from now I will be having someone slit my wrist. Literally. And then they will also slit into my palm. And then when it is all over and done with I will be home snoozing away until it's time to go to Transformers for FREE!!! WOOT WOOT! It should be pretty amazing while I am drugged. Hopefully I don't sleep through the entire thing. Wish me luck!

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's over

My dad's surgeon ended up being too sick to perform the surgery Tuesday morning, which the news came AFTER he had already been doped up. So he went this morning at 6:00, was taken back and 8:15 and surgery was finished around 11:30. The doctor said everything went really well. Now he has to stay overnight in the hospital and comes home tomorrow. Hopefully this will fix my dad's back problems.
Next up... MY surgery! No I am not getting anything bigger or anything sucked out of me, that will be the next surgeries (hopefully). Anyone want to take a shift with Ashlyn since I won't be able to take care of her for at least a week??

Monday, June 1, 2009


My dad is having some back surgery in the morning. I ask you all to keep him in your prayers. He means THE WORLD to me. I know nothing will go wrong with the surgery because if it did, I am not sure how I would live without him. It's sort of a big surgery so I just ask you to keep him in your thoughts (even if you don't know him). I will post about his surgery later.

quote of the day...

"It only hurts if its true" That means when someone accuses you of something and you get defensive and it probably hurts, then its probably true. When someone is trying to help you and calls you out on something and it hurts you and you think about it so much well its probably true about yourself. Deal with it and accept it.